Digital Exchange Platform

Fostering collaboration

Nia is developing an online digital exchange platform that will enable collaboration between orthopaedic clinicians who are using 3D PrintAbility and other 3D printing toolchains to produce mobility devices.

The platform’s purpose is to

  • improve the application of 3D printing to prosthetic and orthotic devices
  • establish links between clinicians and researchers in different parts of the world
  • enable data-sharing that could benefit the global orthopaedic community
  • help drive the development of appropriate, sustainable 3D printing innovations in global health

How it Works

The Digital Exchange Platform is an online database and collaborative digital space designed for orthopaedic clinicians, specialized researchers, and hospital administrators. Currently in development, the Digital Exchange Platform will include the following features:

Data sharing: Frontline clinicians will enter anonymized patient data, including digital files created during the process of 3D designing and printing a mobility device.

Peer review: Clinicians across the world will be able to view data and provide feedback by pinning comments onto 3D scans and discussing areas of concern collaboratively.

Reports: Researchers will be able to enrich their work by generating reports using the platform’s data set

Discussion forum: All system users will be able to engage in conversations about ongoing cases, research, and innovations in technologies to help assist the design and production of mobility devices.

Directory: Users will be able to connect to clinicians and researchers worldwide.


Learning through collaboration

Clinicians will be able to interact with and learn from others by peer-reviewing cases with posts, comments, discussions, and ratings

Improved care through collaboration

By facilitating global connections, the platform will allow access to expertise that may not be available locally, leading to improved patient care

Facilitating research

Researchers will be able to engage in discussions and run reports on data to help increase collection knowledge of 3D technologies for mobility device design and production


The Digital Exchange Platform is in development and scheduled to go live later in 2017.

Become an Early Adopter

Nia is seeking beta testers for the Digital Exchange Platform. Platform users will include orthopaedic clinicians and medical or technology researchers from across the globe.