Our Approach

Appropriate solutions for local contexts

Nia uses innovation in support of local efforts to find appropriate solutions to challenging global health issues. We are a team of researchers and designers who work with clinical partners to create sustainable technological solutions. We turn to local clinicians and our global advisors to evaluate, critique, and collaborate on our products.

To us, appropriate means:

  • Locally driven
  • Affordable
  • Designed with local needs in mind
  • Developed collaboratively
  • Builds upon and enhances the capacity of local clinicians
  • Tested locally with ongoing product support
  • Beneficial to local people

Our Technical Achievements

Clinical Studies

Nia’s 3D PrintAbility clinical evaluation is the single largest study of 3D printed lower-limb mobility devices, with trials at 4 clinical sites in 3 countries.

Research and Development

Nia has conducted materials testing to determine optimal print material and specs and organized third party destructive socket testing. Nia is using machine learning techniques to develop algorithms that support P&O clinicians’ digital learning and design.

Fully digital toolchain

Built around the craft and expertise of orthopaedic clinicians, 3D PrintAbility includes our custom OrthoGen software that integrates a tablet-based scanning solution, asynchronous file exchange, 3D modelling for device design, FEM and variable density tools to optimize device strength, and 3D printing.

Connecting Clinicians

Nia is designing and building the first  digital collaboration platform to connect orthopaedic clinicians interested in pushing the frontiers of digital technologies in the P&O sector.

Rooted in Research

One of Nia’s key partners is the University of Toronto. Research is at the heart of our product development cycle. Our solutions are grounded in rigorous analysis and testing.