Our Cause

Improving lives by empowering clinical experts with innovative technology

Our purpose is to improve lives by connecting frontline clinicians to technological solutions that leverage their expertise and enhance their capacity to serve patients. We believe that need drives creativity, collaboration, and innovative designs, so we listen to our local partners when identifying problems and designing appropriate solutions.

Need for mobility devices

Only 1 in 10 people have access to assistive devices in low-income countries, due to a lack of availability, awareness, trained personnel, and high costs. Without mobility devices people with disabilities face social stigma and a dramatically reduced quality of life, which often limits their ability to access education and employment.

Need for faster device production

Manual processes of orthopaedic production in low-income countries are labour-intensive and slow, taking an average of 5 days to produce and fit a prosthetic limb.

Need to leverage existing clinical expertise

The WHO estimates a shortage of 40,000 trained orthopaedic personnel in low- and middle-income countries. Hospital administrators and frontline clinicians are seeking innovations that maximize current skills and expertise while increasing productivity.

“We’re trying to give clinicians tools to make them more efficient because there’s a tremendous shortage of prosthetists and orthotists in the world.”

Jerry Evans, President & CEO, Nia Technologies

Our Solutions

To meet these challenges, we are working to increase access to mobility devices and enhance the toolkits of orthopaedic clinicians worldwide. Read more about our solutions