Our Work

Developing sustainable technologies for local healthcare providers

We collaborate with clinical partners and other technology innovators to identify tricky global health problems and develop sustainable solutions that work in local settings.

At a Glance


Clinical sites studying 3D PrintAbility

Countries with a 3D PrintAbility study


3D PrintAbility's potential to cut manual prosthetic production time

Our Approach

Local needs, identified by clinical partners, drive our work. When we take on a project, developing a sustainable solution is our top priority. Equally important is the rigour of our approach, which is rooted in research, experimentation, consultation, and testing.


3D PrintAbility

Our 3D PrintAbility toolchain shows potential to cut manual production times for mobility devices while conserving clinicians’ expertise. 3D PrintAbility is being studied by clinical partners in Cambodia, Tanzania, and Uganda for its efficacy and value in low-resource countries.


Digital Platform

Collaboration is key to building capacity. Our online digital platform will link clinicians globally to improve on best practices for applying digital technologies to the medical sector and build collective knowledge about 3D printing and the production of mobility devices.