A cloud-based platform for clinicians around the world to connect, share, collaborate, and innovate.

What Is NiaNet?

NiaNet is a collaborative, cloud-based, digital platform that supports 3D printing — making it the first platform of its kind.


It’s designed for orthopaedic clinicians, researchers, and hospital administrators who use 3D PrintAbility.


NiaNet builds community, supports learning, encourages sharing, and unlocks innovation.

Why Did We Develop NiaNet?

  • To connect professional prosthetists, orthotists, and researchers around the world.
  • To enable secure data-sharing within the global orthopedic community.
  • To facilitate collaboration on 3D models.
  • To provide off-site technical support for users of 3D PrintAbility.
  • To provide access to learning and accreditation materials.
  • To build community through forums and collaboration.
  • To drive the development of high-quality 3D printing technology.

Where Are We Now?

NiaNet is in the final stages of development and testing. It will be deployed later this year as part of Nia’s Early Adopter Program.