Early Adopter Program

3D printing starts here. Welcome to our Early Adopter Program.

What Is The Early Adopter Program?

Later this year, we will begin to introduce 3D PrintAbility to orthopaedic workshops and clinics as part of our Early Adopter Program. Are you interested in participating? We’re currently accepting expressions of interest from organizations that meet the program’s criteria.


If you’re selected to participate in the program, we’ll work closely with you to help implement the 3D PrintAbility toolchain at your location. We will provide you with hardware, software, training, and support. We will also assist you with hardware maintenance, materials supply chain management, and funding where possible.


Participants will be required to assist Nia in the collection of anonymized data for technology improvements and reports to funders.

What Will Be Provided?


Digital scanners, NiaFit, 3D printers, and access to NiaNet.

On-Site Training & Support

Comprehensive on-site training for clinicians and staff. Ongoing support.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Maintenance and supply chain assistance. Periodic upgrades to hardware and software.

Together, we’re taking measured steps to enable big leaps.

Interested In Applying?

Your hospital or workshop (site) may qualify to apply for the Early Adopter Program if you meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Your site historically produces a large number of transtibial (TT) sockets per year (minimum 75) and rigid ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) per year (minimum 150), and has demand for greater production.
  • Your site has a minimum of two P&O clinicians (at least one of which is CAT I certified or equivalent) on staff full-time who can be trained and are prepared to actively use Nia’s 3D PrintAbility toolchain.
  • The clinicians at your site have basic familiarity with personal computing and office suite software, and the organization, saving, and retrieving of data files.
  • Your site has a small, dry (preferably air-conditioned), secure office that could be dedicated to Nia’s 3D printers and computers (with minimum approximate size of 3m x 4m).
  • The office at your site has two tables (approximate dimensions 1m x 2m each) and at least three chairs for the equipment and staff.
  • The office at your site has consistent electrical power supply with little or no interruption (back-up and/or uninterruptible power supply is highly recommended).
  • The office at your site has access to the internet on a consistent basis with sufficient bandwidth to allow for regular video conferencing, technical support, and mandatory monitoring and evaluation.

If your organization meets these requirements and you are interested in applying, please contact us today for more information.