Our Work

Everything we do is driven by our commitment to technology for a higher purpose.

Technology For A Better Tomorrow

As a non-profit social enterprise, our mission is to discover, nurture, and deploy innovative technologies that will improve lives in resource-poor countries.


Our current focus is on developing 3D scanning, modelling, and printing technology for the prosthetic and orthotic community around the world.


Building on the expertise of clinicians, we offer an innovative method for producing custom, high-quality transtibial prosthetics and ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs).

Technology That’s Safe And Durable

As a team of innovators, we believe in design rooted in research and technology designed for impact.


In fact, validating and evaluating our technology is a critical component of our work. That’s why, in 2017, we undertook the largest ever clinical evaluation of 3D printed lower limb mobility devices. We continue to test and develop our technology each day.

Technology That’s Suitable And Sustainable

Not only do we develop technology in partnership with the clinicians who use it, we will also be offering implementation, training, and funding support where possible to qualifying hospitals and clinics around the world.


Later this year, we will be launching an Early Adopter Program to facilitate the introduction of 3D PrintAbility to a limited number of clinics in resource-poor settings.

Our Approach

We focus on seeking appropriate solutions for local contexts. Together, we’re collaborating for sustainable change.

Locally Driven

Locally Beneficial

Aligned With Local Needs

Created Collaboratively

Built Upon & Designed To Enhance Local Capacity

Locally Tested With Ongoing Support