We build digital tools for clinicians to improve access to mobility devices for children and youth with disabilities

Our Vision

Changing lives through innovation

Nia Technologies Inc. is a Canadian non-profit social enterprise. We develop, evaluate, and deploy innovative technologies that will improve lives worldwide. We do this by building local capacity with new digital tools for frontline clinicians, enabling them to reach more patients with affordable, high-quality, sustainable health-care solutions.

Our Projects: 3D PrintAbility

Local needs drive our work

Our first venture, 3D PrintAbility, equips orthopaedic clinicians with digital tools to produce high-quality mobility devices more quickly than with conventional manual methods. The 3D PrintAbility fabrication toolchain combines 3D scanning, modelling, and printing technologies with custom software and affordable hardware.

Our Funders

Stories of Impact: Ruth

Born with a congenital condition, Ruth has one leg shorter than the other. She was one of the first people in the world to be fitted with a 3D PrintAbility prosthetic.