30 million people in resource-poor countries need assistive devices to help them walk. Yet, only 10% get access to them. Many of those in need are children.

When A Child Can’t Walk, It Impacts Every Part Of Their Life

Children who can’t walk are less likely to:

  • Attend school
  • Engage in play with friends
  • Participate fully in family and community life

They are also more likely to:

  • Face exclusion and discrimination
  • Grow up with low confidence and self-esteem
  • Face higher health risks and lower access to medical care
  • Get trapped in a lifelong cycle of poverty

Without access to prosthetics and orthotics, children with lower limb disabilities face challenges reaching their full potential.

We’re Helping To Find A Solution. Using 3D Printing.

We’ve developed a technology toolchain called 3D PrintAbility. It uses 3D printers, along with digital scanners and custom software, to help clinicians in resource-poor countries make prosthetics and orthotics for children — faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

3D PrintAbility means more children can get access to devices they need to help them walk.

Video: 3D PrintAbility at CORSU Hospital in Uganda (5:56)

By helping more children walk, we’re changing lives.

About Us

Nia Technologies Inc. is a Canadian non-profit social enterprise that was founded by cbm Canada in 2015. Nia researches, develops, and deploys innovative technologies in resource-poor countries.

At Nia, we know that technology alone isn’t enough to create lasting social value. That’s why we also:

  • Encourage innovation
  • Seek out appropriate solutions
  • Take a practitioner-centric approach
  • Build partnerships
  • Value local talent
  • Promote R&D
  • Strive for sustainability

If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.  — Proverb

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